A Strategic Transportation Safety Plan (STSP) will be prepared for the Lake Havasu Urbanized Area.  The Plan will address necessary steps to reduce the risk of death and serious injury to all transportation users in the Lake Havasu Metropolitan Planning Organization (LHMPO) area.  The Lake Havasu Metropolitan Planning Organization (LHMPO) will strive to address issues and needs for transportation users in a 5, 10 year Safety Plan.  The Technical Advisory Committee in concert with stake holders and the general public will develop projects utilizing Highway Safety Improvement (HSIP) funding.

The Safety Study will establish a regional vision, objectives, strategies and performance measures for transportation safety that are consistent with the Arizona Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) developed in 2014.  The Safety Plan will provide valuable input to the Regional Transportation Plan that is currently being developed.  This Study will be a guide for future safety projects.

Below is a link to the Strategic Transportation Safety Plan. This Plan identifies pedestrian, bicycle & vehicle crash history within the Lake Havasu Urbanized Area, as well as solutions and potential Highway Safety Improvement Projects (HSIP).


Accidents in the Lake Havasu MPO Region 2005-2014

The map below represents accidents occurring in the Lake Havasu MPO Region from 2005 – 2014. The color dots represent accident density for every .1 mile of road; not necessarily the actual location. The data reflects crashes only on the roads classified as major roads except for the fatal, pedestrian and bicycle accidents which are represented on all roads. This data is provided by Amec Foster Wheeler consultant for the LHMPO Strategic Transportation Safety Plan.

* Click on the double arrows in the upper left corner of map to see map key

Strategic Transportation Safety Plan Updates