A Bicycle & Pedestrian Implementation Plan is a development of short range, med-range and long range vision and direction for bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the Lake Havasu MPO region. Specific projects and implementation strategies will address the deficiencies and special needs over a period of five, ten and 20 years.

The Bicycle & Pedestrian Implementation Plan will initiate a user needs and demands analysis of the bicyclists in the LHMPO Region to ensure that the proposed system meets the needs of the cyclists of all ages.

The implementation of the plan shall include the following:

  • Identify bicycle, pedestrian, and bike/pedestrian trails and connections at the following levels:
    • Residential (intra-neighborhood)
    • Collector (neighborhood to activity centers)
    • Regional (termini at LHMPO boundary which affords connection to or future development of regional trail extending beyond MPO – e.g., old SR 95 right-of-way and BLM trails)
  • Develop typical cross section and related design standards for uniform development
  • Identify spot-specific solutions and countermeasures to promote efficiency and safety of bike/pedestrian travel

The Bicycle & Pedestrian Implementation Plan will establish a regional vision, objectives, strategies and performance measures for safety. This Study will be a guide for future bicycle and pedestrian safety projects.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Implementation Plan Updates